Friday, March 13, 2009

Top posts of the week

I think I had some pretty good posts this week, both original essays and original reporting.

On Sunday, I closely followed the news about George Galloway's adventures in trying to get into Gaza, culminating in showing how his own words showed his hypocrisy and finally the denouement where he gave in to demands he swore he couldn't abide by only hours earlier.

I brought an original perspective to the latest Roger Cohen apologia for Hamas, concentrating on his willingness to think the best of Hamas and the worst of Israel.

I showed how Arabs consider the very existence of Jews on the Temple Mount to be a "desecration" - to the extent that they angrily publish pictures of the Jews there, doing nothing.

I thought my Purim Torah was cute, but it didn't get too much reaction. My essay on why Arabs cannot understand Purim was much better received.

I think I was one of the first people to comment on how Chas Freeman's statement proved his unsuitability for the job at the NIE, a point later emphasized by the WaPo.

My essay pointing out Amnesty International's bias against Israel should have received wider coverage, IMHO. At the very least, I would love to see how Amnesty would respond.

I wrote two posts about the indifference that the world, including the Arab world, has towards Palestinian Arabs when they are victims of their fellow Arabs. I conclude that the only logical explanation for this indifference is that a large number of "human rights" advocates don't really care about Palestinian Arabs nearly as much as they really want to demonize Jews, and that this is really the modern flavor of anti-semitism.

Finally, I take apart Palestinian Arab "human rights" claims about "indiscriminate" attacks by the IDF, using their own - very biased - statistics.

I am not only trying to pat myself on the back. Many of these stories - especially the original reporting - need to be more widely read. If you agree, please use the social bookmarking links at the end of every posting and either submit or vote for the stories that resonate with you and that you would like to see get more visibility. Join Reddit, Digg, Del.icio.us and other sites and vote, not only for my stuff but for everything you see that you think should have a higher readership.

As always, thanks!