Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Sorry, but lately I have not had time to research or post as much as I would like; and it might remain that way for a short while at least. Also I am having problems using Google Translate from home; apparently I left some auto-refresh Arabic pages on my browser for days and Google thought it was being attacked by a bot, so I have to use more indirect and slower ways to find Arabic articles, and cannot provide links to the translated versions.

Here's some stuff for today:

The British Medical Journal wrote an article accusing the dreaded Israel Lobby of an orchestrated campaign against it. So the dreaded Israel Lobby (actually, Honest Reporting) actually did an analysis of the bias that the BMJ shows in its articles relative to the real medical importance of the conflicts it is supposedly objectively covering:
Some of the humanitarian aid to Gaza ended up poisoning 80 schoolgirls.

An alternative "donor conference" in Tehran for Gazans has begun. Predictably, the Islamic Jihad Secretary General Shallah said that the PA should stop negotiating and start fighting, while Ayatollah Khamanei said that terror (i.e., "resistance") is the only way to save Palestine (two articles in Firas Press).

Israel allowed materials for a desalination plant into Gaza. (Firas)

George Galloway's convoy of aid for Gaza has entered Egypt, and it is due to arrive in Gaza on Sunday after a three week journey. It is being greeted with flowers. It includes 110 trucks of aid. Coincidentally, that is the number of trucks of that Israel sent in today alone which included supplies of pasta that thw world has been clamoring for Palestinian Arabs to have. (Two more Firas Press articles)