Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The majority of Palestinian Arabs are immoral

Buried in the results of the latest PSR poll of Palestinian Arabs and Israelis comes this tidbit:
54% of the Palestinians support and 42% oppose armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel.
Once again, a majority of Palestinian Arabs support terror attacks - not only against "settlers" but against ordinary Jews living in Israel. All of the people that keep telling us that Palestinian Arabs want peace are, simply, wrong. They want to see Jewish women and children killed.

This is nothing new. A similar percentage answered the same in June 2008 (before the Gaza op); last April a majority specifically supported suicide bombings against Israeli civilians; a different poll showed 68% of Palestinian Arabs supported terror attacks in Israel in April 2007, and in September 2006 the percentage was calculated to be 57%, with 63% supporting rocket attacks.

Can someone explain the wisdom of a "peace process" with people who desire the death of their "peace partners?"

This is not a poll of Hamas members. This is not a poll of only Gaza. This is the mainstream Palestinian Arab opinion, and it has been how they felt for years. Going back to 1995 - pre-Intifada, during the golden years of Oslo when Palestinian Arab employment was at record highs - the proportion that supported terror attacks well outnumbered those who opposed terror by 12 percentage points (although then was a pluraity, not a majority.)

At what point do we say that the real obstacles to peace are the people who openly and joyously support the murder of innocents? When will the world realize that we are pouring billions of dollars towards a people who are repeatedly and consistently pro-terror? How long do we have to wait before people realize that it is way past time for Palestinian Arabs themselves to take responsibility for their beliefs, their opinions and their actions?

It sounds harsh, but the polls have proven, time and time again, that a majority of Palestinian Arabs are immoral. They support terror. They support the wanton murder of innocents. Is there any other way to spin this?

And you cannot claim that Palestinian Arabs are only theoretically supportive of terror, and are aghast when it actually happens. Last year, an astonishing 84% of Palestinian Arabs supported the Mercaz Harav massacre of teenagers.

Why does the world still support a people who not only tolerate evil but celebrate it?