Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peaceful PalArab Poll

There were some interesting results in the latest An-Najah poll of Palestinian Arabs: (h/t Barak)

Do you support or reject concentrating Palestinian resistance within the
1967 borders alongside with political negotiations?
24.5%-I strongly support
43.7%-I support
22.4%-I reject
3.4%-I strongly reject
6.1%-No opinion/I do not know

Do support or reject firing rockets by Palestinian factions from the Strip
against Israel?
19.7%-I strongly support
29.9%-I support
37.5%-I reject
9%-I strongly reject
3.9%-No opinion/I do not know

Do you think that firing rockets from the Gaza Strip against Israel hurts or
helps Palestinian national struggle?
32.9%-It helps
40.4%-It hurts
20.8%-It is useless
6%-No opinion/I do not know

Under your current circumstances, do you think of emigrating to another
29.4%-Yes(34.1% in Gaza)
0.7%-No opinion/I do not know

If proper conditions are made available to you to live outside Palestine,
will you think of emigrating?
33.1%-Yes (41.7% in Gaza)
1.2%-No opinion/I do not know

So fully 68% of Palestinian Arabs support terror attacks against civilians inside the Green Line. There's a statistic that Jimmy Carter is not likely to quote.

Even more interesting are the next two questions: a plurality support firing rockets into Israel, even as only one third feel that it helps the Palestinian Arab cause. The only conclusion one can come up with is that the purpose of the rockets is not to help their cause, but rather to kill Jews. This is that honor/shame culture again - blowing up a Jewish kid in the Negev is a "victory" that is worth it even though it will not help the PalArabs one bit, even in their own estimation!

Finally, we see that despite decades of indoctrination to generations of Palestinian Arabs that they should want to live in "Palestine", well over one third would like to emigrate to somewhere else. They do not love "their land" as much as everyone likes to pretend they do.

Which brings up an interesting question: why can't they emigrate? Who is stopping them from moving to other Arab countries, or South America, or anywhere else?

We know the answer. The Arab leaders themselves are the ones who are the most keen at keeping PalArabs in refugee camps and in misery, and they have been since 1948 as I have shown many times.

One would think that it would be a basic human right to be able to emigrate to other welcoming countries. Yet no Arab countries are willing to give Palestinian Arabs citizenship (except Jordan, which already had for the West Bank PalArabs but not for anyone else.) So where are the screams from the UN and HRW and Amnesty slamming Arab countries - the most natural destination - from allowing PalArabs to move and integrate there as equal citizens?