Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Latest Peaceful PalArab poll - Think Condi knows?

The latest poll of Palestinian Arabs by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (raw results here) shows that a majority of Palestinian Arabs support suicide terror against Israeli civilians:

Q.5 How do you feel about the suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians? Do you strongly support it, somewhat support it, somewhat oppose it, or strongly oppose it?

Total West Bank Gaza

N= 1199 n= 760 n= 439
Strongly support 26.1 20.1 36.4
Somewhat support
24.6 22.2 28.7
Somewhat oppose 28.4 31.3 23.2
Strongly oppose 18.1 22.6 10.3
Don’t know \ No answer 2.8 3.8 1.4
That's 50.7% who support suicide bombings against 46.5% opposed.

Can one imagine the world community supporting the establishment of any other state outside of "Palestine" given this knowledge about its citizens consistently supporting terror? Would Tibet or Armenia or Kurdistan get such latitude in their quests for independent states if their citizens held similar positions?