Monday, March 16, 2009

How £100M Funds Terror

From the Daily Express:
MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' money has been spent promoting terrorism and encouraging young Palestinians to hate the West, it emerged yesterday.

Money donated as aid has been used to print textbooks which teach children that "death is not bitter in the mouth of the believers" and that the Iraqi insurgency is a "brave resistance" against Britain and the US, according to a report by the TaxPayers' Alliance.

Last year, Britain sent nearly £100million to the Palestinian territories - more than double what it sent the year before - despite the Government being warned that January that aid money was being spent on promoting terror.

The report, which will be published on Wednesday, found school textbooks encouraging Palestinian children to become suicide bombers were being used in classrooms.

In one book, published by the Palestinian Authority, pupils are taught: "Your enemies seek life while you seek death."
State-owned TV channels and newspapers have also glorified suicide bombers, called for terrorism and urged Palestinians to pick up weapons.

Speaking about Ayat al-Akhras, 18, the youngest Palestinian female suicide bomber, a TV presenter on the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation said: "You and your cause deserve the greatest respect. In our opinion, Ayat is a hero."

On the same network, history professor Adnan Ayash spoke of "the Jewish disease, the Zionist disease, which is a cancerous disease".

The disclosure that taxpayers' money is being used to fund terrorism drew a furious response from across the political and social spectrum yesterday.

Timothy Kirkhope, leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament, who is hosting the launch of the report, said that no more aid money should be sent to the Palestinian territories unless donations were monitored to ensure they were not used to radicalise young people.

"Money has been misspent in the area before and used to buy weapons. This time they may not be using it on bullets and guns, but they are using it to turn the minds of young people towards militancy.

"The indoctrination and propaganda found by the report is extremely militant in its nature and is the opposite of what we should be trying to achieve in the area."

Liberal Democrat spokesman on international development Michael Moore said: "No British aid should fund people who seek to undermine the British, other allies, or the Israeli state."
The report is here. One excerpt from a textbook:
“O heroes, Allah has promised you victory.... Do not talk
yourselves into flight… Your enemies seek life while you seek
death. They seek spoils to fill their empty stomachs while you
seek a Garden [Paradise] as wide as are the heavens and the
earth... death is not bitter in the mouth of the believers. These
drops of blood that gush from your bodies will be transformed
tomorrow into blazing red meteors that will fall down upon the
heads of your enemies." (page 16)