Monday, March 02, 2009

Evil Zionist Settler Pigs - part 5

Ma'an breathlessly reports:
Dozens of pigs belonging to Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian young man from the village of An-Nasarieyah, north of the West Bank city of Nablus, on Sunday.

Palestinian medical sources said that Ayman Ibrahim Hamdan, 25, was transferred to Rafidia Hospital in the city after being bitten by one of the pigs.

Hamadan told Ma’an that dozens of pigs unleashed by the Israeli settlers of the illegal settlement of Al-Hamra adjacent to the village had attacked him while he was in his farm in the village.
Once again, the diabolical and fanatically Jewish settlers have been shown to raise and domesticate wild pigs for one reason and one reason only - to attack Palestinian Arabs. Apparently, their hatred for Arabs is so all-consuming that they will spend years breeding animals that have no value whatsoever in a Jewish state, just to have them cause slight damage to Arab crops every few months.

Now, that's dedication!

We have previously seen these highly intelligent and trained pigs selectively attack Arab tomatoes, farmers, and garbagemen. We have also seen that the Jews managed to herd the pigs onto the Arab side of the West Bank fence.