Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Women's Gaza forum in UK: Establish a caliphate!

A conference for Muslim women in Manchester concluded that there can be peace - as long as Muslims rule the world:
OVER 150 women gathered to discuss a way forward in Gaza during a conference in Manchester.

The event organised by the sister arm of Hizb ut-Tahrir and held at the Pakistani Community Centre in Lonsight looked beyond the ceasefire, evaluated practical steps that could have prevented atrocities in Gaza and mapped out a future political set up to ensure stability and peace for the region.

The second speaker, Sultanah Parvin, the Women's Deputy Media Representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain spoke in great detail on how an Islamic government would deal with a rogue state occupying territories illegally. She detailed the regional peace a Caliphate would offer to Jews, Christians and Muslims no different to the rich Muslim History which saw huge prosperity amongst communities in the very same region.
Yes, we all remember how prosperous Palestine was before Zionism.

This same person wrote an article for the Guardian a few years ago where she said

I don't identify with the term "British Muslim". It suggests allegiance to Britain and connection to the country's secular system of rule, which is based on capitalist ideals.

Britain is a secular society that separates politics and religion, and that is in contradiction to what Islam teaches. Muslims cannot accept compromising core Islamic values just for the sake of wanting to be labelled "British".

When is the West going to wake up to the fact that, by definition, Islam is not simply a religion, but an expansionist and exclusivist political phiosophy?