Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekly Bilin protesters now throw shoes

From Ma'an:
Four Israeli soldiers were reported injured along with eight protesters and two journalists at an anti-wall demonstration in the West Bank village of Bil’in, near Ramallah.

A statement from the protest group claimed that demonstrators marched after Friday prayers, carrying Palestinian flags and banners calling for an end to the Israeli occupation. During the event, two journalists were injured by rubber-coated bullets along with six others, the group claimed.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources were reporting on Friday afternoon that four soldiers had been injured during the same event, although the reports were non-specific.

When soldiers fired teargas canisters toward the crowd, participants reportedly began throwing shoes toward the Israeli army stationed behind cement blocks.
It's nice to see this shoe thing catch on. (It appears doubtful that the shoes are what caused the Israeli soldiers to be injured; usually that comes much faster projectiles.)

Let's make a deal: let the PalArabs change the payload of Qassams, mortars and Grad rockets to be shoes instead of explosives, and Israelis will pretend to be highly humiliated.