Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's Palestinian Arab news

There are reports of a "secret deal" between Hamas and Israel, brokered by Europeans, to extend the six month "truce". Hamas finds the truce to be very convenient for them, according to the article.

Meanwhile, there were two rockets shot at Israel today, and one rocket fell short and severely damaged a house near Khan Younis. Even so, Israel continued to send goods through the Gaza crossings today, for the fourth day in a row, although it did seem to close one of the crossings after the rocket attack.

Israel also transferred shekels to Gaza banks, allowing the PA to pay salaries to some 70,000 workers and allowing Hamas to continue to control the territory without taking responsibility for actually administering its daily activities. Israel is starting to make noises that there is no reason that Gaza cannot use Egyptian pounds rather than shekels as currency.

An aide to Mahmoud Abbas blames Hamas as well as Israel for the "siege."

A Syrian group will attempt to send a ship from Lebanon to Gaza.

An Arab newspaper slammed Abbas for describing the "Free Gaza" boats as a "farce" and a "silly game" yesterday. It sarcastically stated that perhaps Abbas didn't notice who was on these ships, "being too busy meeting his friend Olmert who imposed the blockade."

Apparently, the moon will be particularly large and bright over "Palestine" tonight. Not sure if that applies through the rest of the world. (The Arab press is always keenly interested in any news about the moon.)