Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's PalArab news

A "military court" in Gaza sentenced a man to death for "collaboration" with Israel. Human Rights Watch just came out with a report decrying the 11 people sentenced to death in the West Bank and Gaza this year, not including this latest example, most of them for the same "crime."

Islamic Jihad again reiterated it has no interest in maintaining a "truce" with Israel. Of course, they have been ignoring the truce for a month and a half now.

There are reports that Jimmy Carter was giving political advice to Hamas leaders in Damascus, suggesting that if they just stop rockets for two more months that they'd have a more pliant government to deal with in Israel. Don't worry about Israeli threats to invade Gaza; they are just election propaganda, Carter said.

Another Hamas raid at al-Azhar University, attacking female students while in class.