Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three stories from Saudi Arabia

Saudi women who get international scholarships have problems getting and staying married to Saudi men:
“Most men prefer young docile girls and with this kind of prevalent marital environment, traveling abroad for married women is an idea that many are still not used to. Not to forget that a man’s ego also plays a role; he might not tolerate the idea if his wife becomes more successful, his male superiority might get affected...

"Most of these women don’t get married easily, since they are used to receiving respect and being treated at par with men abroad, and so their level of tolerance to any type of ill-treatment is low. Its hard for them to find men who would treat them the way they are used to.”

In a possibly related story, monkeys terrorize a girls' school in Saudi Arabia.
A group of monkeys has been wreaking havoc on Al-Ajer Intermediate and Secondary School for Girls in Tandaha in eastern Khamis Mushayt. The monkey scare has forced panicky students and teachers to stay away from the school altogether.
The school’s principal has sought the help of municipal authorities to restore order after piles of monkey waste were found in the school’s courtyard a day after the initial attack on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia just opened its first movie theatre in 30 years!
After a long wait of 30 years, public cinema is back in Saudi Arabia. Using the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, Rowad Media and Kawthar Foundation and Production screened a show for the public at the King Abdul Aziz Cultural Center in Abraq Al-Raghama, attended by a large number of interested men and women who watched the comedy film “Manahi.”