Monday, December 15, 2008

This morning's peaceful PalArab news

Israel started releasing some 250 Palestinian Arab prisoners today, including people from Gaza. Hamas and Islamic Jihad welcomed these confidence-building measures and promised to reduce rockets and other terror attacks.

Just kidding. They said that this prisoner release was proof of the effectiveness of the "resistance" and that they would work to intensify those actions.

Israel today opened the crossing points to Gaza for about 100 trucks of goods - 26 for UNRWA, 24 for the "private sector", and some 40 trucks filled with wheat and other food and many more filled with fuel. This despite yesterday's Qassam and mortar attacks.

Hamas abducted three children in the Jabalya camp, the oldest of whom was 13, including two brothers. Witnesses say that the boys were thrown into a car while playing and driven away.

Another person died from the collapse of a smuggling tunnel. About twelve were injured in a fire in another tunnel.

The Palestinian Arab press is ecstatic over the Iraqi who threw his shoes at President Bush yesterday. Videos of the event are all over, and jokes about it are being repeated. For example:
President Bush asked President Abbas and journalists accompanying him to come to the White House on Friday without shoes.

The security services raided shoe factories in Hebron in the West Bank after the discovery of a shoe store near the Press Syndicate, and the journalist union denies the union/warehouse relationship.

The Union of Italian footwear manufacturers sent a letter of protest to the Iraqi government and will sue the journalist because his throwing their shoes was an insult to them.

[This is in the format of terrorist press releases - EoZ]
In an official statement, the Hebron Shoe Association congratulates the successful operation in Iraq...
The 2008 PalArab self-death count is now at 219.