Monday, December 29, 2008

There are more Gazans alive today than on Saturday morning

The word "genocide" is being bandied about a lot in the Arab world and far left-wing media outlets to describe Israeli actions in Gaza.

One editorial in the Gulf News that caught my eye doesn't use the word explicitly but implies it, as it castigates Arab governments for not doing anything:
While Gaza is burning, Arab officials are busy working the phones in an attempt to arrange an Arab emergency meeting. The earliest date possible, we are being told, is Friday.

By then though, there will be fewer Gazans in Gaza.
Putting aside all issues about how many of the dead are terrorists or civilians, let's examine this statement.

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 1,500,202 people living in Gaza as of July 2008. The population growth rate is 3.422%, with the birth rate outpacing the death rate by more than ten to one.

This means that some 51,000 Gazans are born every year - and that translates to 141 more Gazans every day than the day before.

So, while on Saturday night there were indeed fewer Gazans than there were in the morning, that gap has been made up by Sunday night.

This also means that Saturday was the only day - ever - that Israel killed more people in Gaza than were born.

The Zionists can't even do genocide right!