Tuesday, December 09, 2008


From AP:
Israel has reopened its crossings with Gaza to shipments of humanitarian aid and fuel. International journalists are also being allowed in.

The Israeli military says 45 trucks of food and medical supplies are to pass through on Tuesday, along with shipments of cooking gas and fuel for Gaza's power plant.

The military says cargo and passenger crossings were reopened because of a lull Monday in attacks by Gaza militants on Israel.

The reopening of the crossings also means international journalists can again enter Gaza. This is just the second time reporters have been allowed in since fighting erupted on Nov. 5. The violence has left a 6-month-old truce in doubt.
Actually, yesterday Gazan terrorists did shoot a rocket towards Israel, but it landed short.

I suppose that deserves an award.

All Hamas has to do is shoot dozens of rockets at Israel whenever they want, as they did this past weekend, and then slow down for a day to get their "humanitarian aid."