Monday, December 01, 2008

Latest Israeli atrocity!

From the pro-terror "International Middle East Media Center":
Emad Bornat, documentary film maker of Bil'in, Palestine, who toured throughout Puerto Rico and the North East US with Tito Kayak, has been in a coma in Tel Aviv Hospital for about a week now. He sustained critical injuries when the brakes and gears of his tractor failed, and he collided into the barbed wire fence of the Israel's occupation wall that cuts his village land in two.

According to his wife Sorya, he is still in serious condition, but the doctors have hope of his recovery, because he is young and was healthy before this accident. He will need to undergo further surgery, and will be weaned off a respirator in the next few days. Sorya said that he opened his eyes for a few minutes only, yesterday but cannot speak yet.

According to another local organizer from Bil'in, the Israeli officer who made the decision to allow Emad to go to the Tel Aviv hospital did so because the road to Ramallah Hospital would have been too bumpy and he wouldn't have survived the trip, because of loss of blood.

The family has a one month pass to enter Israel to go to Tel Aviv to visit Emad. Before this they had to ask for a pass on a daily basis to travel to see him.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall blames the Israeli construction of the Wall on village land, in violation of international law and of Israeli High Court decisions, for the tractor accident.
Of course it is Israel's fault that his tractor malfunctioned and he happened to run into barbed wire (not even the dreaded wall!)

If he would have run into his own house, it still would have been Israel's fault because they didn't repair his tractor for him.

If he would have gone to a Palestinian Arab hospital and died, it would have been Israel's fault for not allowing him to enter a hated Zionist hospital.

If he dies in Tel Aviv, it will be Israel's fault for not taking care of him properly.

If the tractor was a Caterpillar, it is Israel's fault for propping up that company by buying its tractors to demolish houses.

If there was no fence and the tractor would have run into an Arab village, I'm sure it would be Israel's fault too.

Because Arabs will just blame Israel for everything bad that happens. Even when they are the ones going above and beyond to save the life of a man who travels worldwide to demonize Israel.