Friday, December 26, 2008

Hamas continues to claim it only targets military

Hamas' absurd claims that it only targets military targets get even more ridiculous in its latest broken-English press release:

Al Qassam Brigades announeced in statement issued About the expected agression on Gaza by the zionist forces sad "Thousands of the Zionists who lived in the military bases will be in the range of Qassam firing".

The palestinian Resistance resumed firing Qassam Rockets after relatively quiet night, the Zionist sources claimed that on Thursday morning a Qassam rocket fired at what so-called the military base "Sha'ar Hanegev".

As always, the Zionist sources clamied that there were no reports of injuries in the base, also the resistance managed to target the base in previouse tome, several mortar shells landed in the area without causing injuries as the Zionist sources claimed..

About two hours later, two additional blasts were heard in the Sa'ar Hanegev Regional Council, but the rockets' landing site was not located. The Salah al-Din Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committee's military wing, claimed responsibility for the rockets.

Yesterday, Al Qassam Brigades announced its responsibility on some operations, part of the operations were a the folowing:



(3) mortars

Military base "Kfar Azza"

(3) mortars

Military base "Natif Etzra"

(3) mortars

Military base "Zikeem"

(5) mortars

Military base "Third Eye"

(7) mortars

Military base "Al-Ersal" [Erez crossing - EoZ]

(6) mortars

Military base "Nir Oz"

(19) mortars

"Karm Abu-Salim" [Kerem Shalom - EoZ]

(2) mortars

Military base "Malaka"

But if they happen to kill some kids, well, that's reason to celebrate as well!