Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Free Gaza" sails again. No one cares.

It looks like Israel's decision to ignore the "Free Gaza" freaks is paying off. Their fourth boat of publicity hounds arrived in Gaza yesterday to the collective apathy of Gazans themselves, let alone the world.

Their "ton of medical supplies and high-protein baby formula" that it brought is dwarfed by the aid that evil Israel brought in to Gaza yesterday as well - some 70 truckfuls of food and other supplies, along with fuel pumped through Nahal Oz. (Another 55 trucks are due today. Each truck probably holds at least 3 tons.)

Only a couple of dozen Gazans came to watch the circus, and the only TV coverage came from Iran's Press TV.

Meanwhile, Free Gaza's debt continues to grow. They seem to be "cooking the books" - if you compare their bizarre thermometer graphic from October to the one on their website today, you will see that they are now claiming to have spent less total money than they had two months ago!


Somehow, through the miracle of modern accounting, the total amount the have spent went from $740,000 down to $654,000!

If you assume that they really mean that they spent $866,000 that the graphic indicates, this means that their debt has increased to $430,000 today from $415,000 indicated in the October chart. Their business model, which is that they would make money from a combination of leftists and "passenger fees" (which seem to have disappeared - I doubt that the UK moonbat teachers on this boat ponied up $1,000 each for the voyage) is falling apart.

But given that they are now linking to Iranian news stories, and Iran is the only country that pretends to care about Gazans as much as the Freaks do, perhaps they are working on a deal with their tolerant pals in Tehran.