Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peaceful PalArab weekend

Hamas police violently broke up a protest by wives and children of detained Fatah members in Gaza. Reports state that Hamas threatened any media outlets from filming or reporting on the protest and Hamas' reaction.

A woman's body was found in Jericho; she was from Jerusalem and had been missing for two weeks.

Rhetoric between Egypt and Hamas is heating up, as Hamas accuses Egypt of working with Israel to keep Rafah closed.

Israel seized some weapons and ammunition from an Arab in Hebron.

Hamas fired on a 21-year old in Jabalya, injuring him.

One of the Church of the Nativity terrorists who was exiled to Gaza was abducted and apparently tortured by "unknown elements."

Al Aqsa Brigades members threatened the Fayyad government of the PA in Bethlehem.

The 2008 PalArab self-death count is now at 151.