Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Outraged Saudis spring into action!

Last week I mentioned a report that a delegation of Arab students, as part of a young leadership program sponsored by the US government, went to the Israel embassy for a briefing and had their pictures taken with the Israeli spokesperson.

The Saudi government, outraged, went to the original Yediot Aharonot article and examined the pictures closely. Today it triumphantly announced that none of the students that showed up were Saudi:
Officials, immediately upon receiving the news of the visit acted quickly to check the visiting dignitaries in the picture shown by the Israeli newspaper which published the news.

After careful scrutiny it was shown that there is no one who appeared in the newspaper picture that were Saudis, according to all the files of students studying the United States.
I'm just picturing a bunch of Saudi officials hunched over an Israeli newspaper with a magnifying glass, spending days carefully comparing the pictures there with those of hundreds or thousands of known Saudi students in America to ensure that no holy Saudi hands were dirtied by being shaken by an Israeli.

I wonder if they requested a copy of all the photos from the Israeli embassy to make sure that there weren't some pictures that Yediot didn't publish that might have shown otherwise.