Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four years

Four years, 4668 published posts, 317,000 visitors, 390,000 page loads, 5,441 comments.

Blogging is certainly an interesting pastime. As readership goes up, my sense of responsibility increases as well, leading - mostly - to less and less sleep.

The blog has changed over the years, and if there is any real pattern I think it is that I dislike doing what other bloggers are doing. More than anything I want to be original, to find stories that others miss or to find an angle on a story that others might have overlooked. I don't expect people to only read this blog; there are plenty of other excellent Zionist blogs that cover many other topics and I encourage everyone to read as many as they can. I will ignore some good stories because I see that they have been covered very well elsewhere, so I hope you are also reading elsewhere.

My major frustration has been the inability for many of my newsworthy "scoops" to ever make it to the media. I am not a natural at self-promotion and I need to get into the habit of sending some of my postings to superstar bloggers or to cultivate contacts in the MSM. Unfortunately, even after four years I cannot figure out which posts would strike a chord and become very popular and which will drop unnoticed.

I would like to thank those bloggers who link to me. To me, there is no greater compliment than to know that I am a resource that other bloggers use, including the foreign-language bloggers who spend the time translating some of my posts.

Thank you all for visiting, especially the regulars, both the commenters and the lurkers. I cannot say how gratifying it is to know that apparently a few hundred people make a daily habit out of reading what I have to say.

I hope I can keep you interested.