Thursday, June 19, 2008

Minor victory in Google News

Uruknet.info, one of the most virulent anti-semitic and pro-jihadi sites on the Internet, has finally been removed from Google News as a legitimate news source.

The People's Voice, a similar rag that we have written about before, is freaking out:
One of my Associates, Uruknet.Info, is once again the victim of Google’s zionist inspired polices. Just a month ago, the co-founder of Google was in Israel to ‘celebrate’ its 60 years as an occupying power… he obviously was inspired by his visit as his Company’s policies seem to have shifted even more to the right than they were before his trip.

Uruknet has been hacked, taken of Google News indexing and now, the latest… taken off Google completely. How can this be done? We really don’t know, but we do know that Google has refused to respond to the thousands of requests by readers to reinstate Uruknet on Google News. They came up with a response after weeks only to the site itself where it “reasoned” that Uruknet was “only” an aggregator. All of us know that it is an exceptionally important aggregator, but it is far more than that! It contains original material, has editorial choices and space for commentary and it presents for an international public much material that otherwise would not be translated or disseminated.
Indeed, uruknet is pretty much the major place on the Internet to disseminate direct translations of Osama Bin Laden's audio tapes. Whether they do this as news or as a mouthpiece for OBL is a different story.

The writer is not even competent enough to know how to use Google, as clearly uruknet.info is available through Google search. But its exclusion from Google News is welcome and much overdue, and The People's Voice and similar pro-terror rags should hopefully follow.