Friday, October 19, 2007

A case study in Jew-hating paranoia

The People's Voice, one of my favorite anti-semitic "news" sites, has a laughable analysis proving that Israel could not possibly have hit a Syrian nuclear facility in September. Check out this impeccable logic, by a writer named "Xymphora":
The timing and nature of the Israeli admissions are all wrong. Normally, this kind of propaganda exercise would have been preceded by background about the Syrian ‘nuclear threat’ in the Jew-controlled press, and followed by a huge Israeli-American psych-op, with pictures and videos and images of heroic Israeli soldiers and pilots. Steven Spielberg would then make a movie about it. The fact that the information had to be pried out of the Israelis proves that the entire story was fabricated to cover up some unsuccessful Israeli military incursion. Add to the circumstances of the admission the rather obvious neocon attempt to upset the delicate North Korean negotiations by bringing the North Koreans into it, and I’d say we have a conclusive case for horseshit. You might also note the trick of using a mistranslation (a common Zionist ploy these days) to implicate the Syrians, and the complete absence of any evidence, even pictures, of a Syrian nuclear establishment.
There you have it! Since Jews and the media and the government sources are all known to be Zionist Jew neocon liars, and since this episode didn't follow the well-established Jew media playbook, it must be just a cover up, a conspiracy with all these players participating!

Thank God for people like Xymphora, who are all-knowing because they know how nefarious the evil Joooooz are.