Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've been noticed

There is an Arabic thread about this blog in a message board site called paldf.net. The autotranslation is funny as they note my post about the glossy Hamas magazine and then notice my 2007 self-death count. Plenty of side mentions of "wicked Zionists" and "Zionist criminals" and, of course, that I have a strong relationship with World Zionism. I've received about 40 hits from that site so far!

Even funnier, they put a URL for the Google autotranslation of my site into Arabic! Which, I suppose, is only fair.

By the way, my name autotranslated to Arabic and autotranslated back is either "Hakim Zion" or "Wise Zion." Hakim is of course like the Hebrew "chacham/חכם " meaning wise; ironically al-Hakim was also the nickname of the late terrorist George Habash.

(If anyone knows how to change an uploaded Blogger picture to something else, so that the pictures they stole from me might be changed to something a little more interesting, please let me know.)