Saturday, February 23, 2008

Every once in a while I dip my toe into the frigid waters of the off-the-wall, loony left-wing conspiracy theorists who know that everything in the universe is the fault of Israel and the US. Today I read a new one: the reason that the Internet was created, among other things. By a tin-foil hat wearing Peter Chamberlin: (WARNING: According to Chamberlin, the very act of reading his words will condemn you to certain death. So be careful out there!)
The human race must learn to be more than just cattle. We move like a herd, we think like a herd, we are controlled like a herd. We are about to be stampeded into thousands of slaughterhouses, just like the end of all livestock herds.

Perhaps we are more accurately compared to industrious ants in a global ant farm? We are trapped in an enclosed environment by an unseen sadistic hand, which collapses our carefully dug tunnels and incinerates us with magnifying glasses. Many independent ants try to get a glimpse of our tormentors, spending hours speculating about the motives of those who so cruelly command our fate. It is important to our overlords that they identify who all of these free-thinking rebellious ants are, in order that they might be marked and sorted-out for termination.

The masters of our universe always follow this pattern in stamping-out resistance to their immoral plans. The American government has carefully planned for the elimination of all those who resist their master plan to dominate all things on this earth. Through covert operations with code names like Phoenix, Condor and Gladio, they have methodically used torture, terrorism and murder to identify and eliminate all potential left/liberal resistance to its ultra right-wing plans for allied nations.

...In America today, we see the same game plan being playing-out. When the liberal resistance explodes in reaction to the sight of the slaughterhouse, coming into view, then the herd will be culled, removing all the free-thinking trouble-makers who resist the stampede. To that end, lists have been drawn-up of war-resisters, in preparation for the round-up. The Internet was given to the American people for just that purpose.

The American resisters are self-identifying themselves by their Internet searches and activities, in effect, signing their names to subversive lists every time they surf conspiracy or antiwar sites, or dare to express themselves on any forum. This is the sinister motive behind the seemingly benign creation of the Internet. Every technological innovation in communications is co-opted into servicing the malignant government plans through the insertion of "backdoors" and the secret installation of government software.

Who are the conspirators? Are the principle powers behind the plot to be described as international bankers, Zionists, Illuminati, or some mysterious combination of all of them, as has been described in detail by former British spy John Coleman, in "Committee of 300"? Elements of all these subversive secretive groups are definitely the financial powers driving the New World Order, but, on another level, they are merely pawns as well, dancing to the tunes of the CIA puppeteers. All lesser conspiracies must be subject to one primary driving group of plotters. Many (if not most) of the conspiracy sites on the Internet are agency creations, serving to divide and mislead the real truth-seekers in a thousand different directions. The right-wing conspiracy against freedom is driven by leftist impersonators.

Many of the sources of new conspiracy theories keep turning-out to have connections to various intelligence agencies, like Coleman, who is alleged to have been a member of MI6. This calls his veracity into question, especially considering that his work largely ignores the Zionist connection to world events, blaming everything on the super-secret "Committee," that he alone knows the inner workings thereof.

...It is obvious that Joe Vialls was correct about American and Israeli goals, to seize the oil fields of the Middle East and the Caspian Sea region, in order to pipe this strategic resource away from Russia and China, into American tankers and the strategic reserves that we maintain for Israel. His contentions about the power of "New York (Jewish) money" are also correct. The fascist ethnic-cleansing policies of the Israeli military did provide the bloody template that was to be used throughout the war on terrorism, in order to subjugate and rob the Muslim people. It seems that most of his reporting was usually dead-on, except when he relied on intelligence leaks from inside the Israeli establishment, which then proved to be misinformation.

One thing that is certain, is that the writer of these words, and all of you who read these words have been marked for "disappearance," or termination. In the end, it will matter very little about the nationality of the man who shoves the gun in our faces, for whoever he proves to be, he will surely be an immoral monster.
He can't like his readership very much if he is responsible for their ultimate violent demise.


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