Thursday, February 21, 2008

Islamists attack Baptist school in Gaza

Palestine Press reports, in somewhat broken English (slightly cleaned up):
Local sources in Gaza Strip said that unidentified gunmen broke in to the Baptist School in Gaza Strip late last night.

The sources pointed out that the assailants broke into the Baptist School hit and opened fire against its guards, resulting in the injury one of the guards in his leg.

The assailants destroyed a number of classrooms and warned the guards not to resume their work at the school once again, the sources added.

It is noteworthy that the library of the YMCA in Gaza Strip was subjected to a similar attack two weeks ago, the attack resulted in destroying some eight thousand school text books.

In a similar attack un identified gunmen attacked the Campus of the American School, northern of Gaza Strip.

It is note worthy that the Christian places and properties in Gaza Strip are being exposed to a fierce attack since Hamas took over control of Gaza Strip last June , assailants who claim affiliation to Al Qa’eda organization announce their responsibility over such attacks in attempt to terminate the Christian existence among Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

Hamas Spokesman in Gaza Strip Ehab Al Ghsein announced earlier that a number of the assailants who attacked the Christian Library were under arrest, pointing out that the assailants belong to ‘Al Islam Army’ led by Momtaz Doghmush.

However, the sources revealed two days ago, that the defendants have been set free after Momtaz Doghmush threatened Hamas to attack a security position under their control .
Yesterday they reported on an attack from the Army of Islam against Hamas, saying that the Dagmoush clan threw a grenade at Mahmoud Zahhar's house that didn't explode.

The National Post yesterday elaborated on the fear that Christians live under in the Palestinian Arab territories - and not only in Gaza.