Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saudis really hate Jews. Not Zionists - Jews.

An organization, Terror Free Tomorrow, recently surveyed 1004 Saudis as to their opinions of various subjects.

The MSM picked up on the Saudi antipathy towards Bin Laden and the Saudis' desire to have closer relationship with the US, trumpeting how relatively "moderate" the Saudis are. The beginning of the AP story:
People in Saudi Arabia deeply dislike countryman Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida, yet have only lukewarm views about the United States, one of the kingdom's allies, a poll showed Monday. Bin Laden is seen favorably by just 15 percent of Saudis, and the al-Qaida terror organization he founded gets approval from only 10 percent, the survey found.
And the beginning of Reuters' article on the poll:
Most Saudis oppose Osama bin Laden and back the government in its campaign against al Qaeda, but say they want more democracy in the U.S.-allied Islamic country, according to poll findings released this week.

The study conducted by U.S. group "Terror Free Tomorrow" showed 15 percent of respondents had a favorable view of Saudi-born al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and 88 percent approve of the government's efforts to pursue militants inside the kingdom.
But buried among the "good news" was the fact that an overwhelming majority of Saudis despise Jews, and that most of them want to see Israel destroyed, period. In addition, Saudis prefer Iran to the US and Ahmadinejad to Bush.

Here are some relevant results:

Nearly 80% of Saudis do not have access to the Internet.

Here are the percentages that viewed these named countries favorably:
China Iran United States Pakistan UK France Turkey
61.3 46.9 39.5 52.2 58.8 58.8 70.9

The percentage that viewed Jews favorably: 6%
Very unfavorably: 81.7%

The percentage that viewed Christians favorably: 29.2%
Unfavorably (somewhat or very): 54.3%

Agreeing with this statement:
I oppose any peace treaty recognizing the State of Israel, and I favor all Arabs continuing to fight until there is no State of Israel in the Middle East: 51.3%

Favor Saudi Arabia developing nuclear weapons: 52%

Percent against permitting women to drive in Saudi Arabia: 54%

Percent in favor of providing financial assistance to mosques and madrassas in other countries: 81.3%

Favorable opinion of Hezbollah: 33.3%
Unfavorable: 42.4%

Favorable: 37.2%
Unfavorable: 39.1%

Suicide bombings are never justified: 73.9%
Sometimes or often justified: 13.1%

Supporting a theocracy for Saudi Arabia: 40.5%
Oppose: 40.8%

Favorable opinion of:
George Bush 12.2%
Hassan Nasrallah 38.6%
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 31.1%
Osama bin Laden 15.3%