Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Peace" partners

Israel is sending video tapes showing Egyptian policemen assisting Palestinian terrorists along the Egypt-Gaza border to the United States Congress as part of an effort to influence the legislative body into clamping pressure on Cairo to stop weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

The video footage - which shows Egyptian security forces assisting Hamas terrorists cross illegally into Gaza - is being transferred to Congress through diplomatic channels and is intended for senior congressmen and senators who can have an effect on the House foreign aid appropriations process. Israel believes this can be an effective way of pressuring Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak into clamping down on Hamas smuggling activities.
Of course - why should Israel expect its "peace partner" to stop smuggling weapons meant for terrorists to kill Jews just because it's wrong? No, since the entire Egyptian "peace" is just because of American money and not because of any real desire for peace, only threats to withhold money may make Egypt act as if it cares about Hamas terrorism it helps facilitate.

Then again, why should Egypt act better than Israel itself?
The terrorists who killed 29-year-old Ido Zoldan near Kedumim last month used weapons the Palestinian Authority received from Jordan with Israel's approval, a government official said Monday.
No need for smuggling - the terrorists get weapons with the full transparency of Israel's approval process. And not for the first time, either.

All in the name of "peace," of course.