Monday, December 24, 2007

Egyptian columnist explains rationale for PalArab "right of return"

While perusing the Al-Ahram al-Arabi magazine (see previous post), I came upon this article written by Abdulrazzaq Aldahish (autotranslated, cleaned up a bit):
What would happen if about ten million Palestinians demanded Israeli citizenship with the abolition of the [Zionist] racist laws?

The Israelis themselves constantly claim that they oasis of democracy among Arab dictatorships.

Voters choose the president and the government and members of Knesset.

The electors can decide to retain the name 'Israel' or rename it to the State of Palestine.
Once again, it is made very clear that the entire point of "returning" is the destruction of Israel, and that creating a Palestinian Arab state on less than 100% of the Western-drawn boundaries of Palestine is unacceptable.

And remember again that historic Palestine includes lands on the east bank of the Jordan but there are no Arabs who dare to suggest that the state of "Palestine" includes those lands. Somehow, by sheer coincidence, the only part of "Palestine" that they worry about for a Palestinian Arab state is the part that Jews happen to be controlling. Whenever they claim that the Green Line borders is only 22% of "Palestine" they never include the Trans-Jordanian part of that land - some 3800 square miles, much larger than the West Bank and Gaza combined.