Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bot Mitzvah

YouTube didn't like me posting the 30 second clip, so here is the next-best thing:

               [Lodgatorium Comfort Dome Inn: Corridor. Fry and Zoidberg walk
out of Ballroom A and Fry sees a sign outside Ballroom B.]

Ooo, a bot-mitzvah. Shalom hunger, shalom
free food!

[He walks in and Zoidberg follows. A robot blocks Zoidberg's

No shellfish!

[He slams the door.]

That is so unfair!

Tell me about it.

[Cut to: Lodgatorium Comfort Dome Inn: Ballroom B. The Jewbots
dance around the bot-mitvah bot at extremely high speed. The
banner behind them says "Hayom Ani Robot". Fry gets some food
from the buffet.]

So what's the deal? You guys don't believe
in Robot Jesus?

We believe he was built and that he
was a very well programmed robot but
he wasn't our Messiah.