Friday, December 21, 2007

Arab News agrees that terrorists are "martyrs"

The Saudi-based Arab News is as moderate a voice as exists in that Islamic country. It has been very critical of the sharia-law excesses in Saudi courts and is equally scornful of the Muttawa, the Saudi religious police.

But even the "moderate" Arabs all agree that Palestinian Arab terrorists are worthy of praise:
Every One of Them Has Martyrs in Family

Inside the walls of the Palestinian camp at Mina [in Saudi Arabia, performing Hajj] there were many mothers yesterday talking about how they lost their sons and daughters under the hands of the Israeli army. Arab News visited their campsite in Mina to listen to their stories of pain and suffering in the Occupied Territories.


Muhammad Abu Askar, a pilgrim from the Palestinian Haj group, said that the sadness and suffering he endured under the Israeli occupation couldn’t be described.

“I’ve lost two of my children,” he said. He added, “I am happy that they died serving the Palestinian cause to liberate the country from Israeli occupation. My sons were not like any other sons in any other country, searching for a beautiful car or a beautiful job. They told me that they would not rest until they saw every area of Palestinian soil liberated from the Israeli occupation. One of my sons, Ahmad, 22 years old, was getting ready for marriage when Israeli soldiers shot him. The other one, Muhammad, 18 years old, was killed during an army raid.”


Inside the camp, Arab News met with the mother of Muhammad Al-Sharami; the Israeli army killed her son. She started to cry as she was talking about him. She said that he was like any other Palestinian youth who was suffering under the hands of the Zionists. Like any other young man, he wanted to see Palestine liberated.

“I still remember it like yesterday,” she said. “He came to me and greeted me, kissed me on the head. I looked in his eyes and I felt that there was something wrong. A few hours after he left I received the news of his death; he was shot in the head.”

She said that she was not angry at his death; in fact she said she was happy that he died defending his country and she was proud of him. She said that she came for Haj to pray for him.

The story makes it sound like they are going to talk about how Israel is indiscriminately murdering Palestinian Arab children, and yet every example cited was a young man who was trying to kill Jews.

And every example said that the parents were "happy" their kids were dead.

And the moderate Saudis consider every dead terrorist a "martyr" for Allah.