Friday, September 21, 2007

The Syrian concept of democracy

From Israel HaYom (translated via Daily Alert):
In the last two years, Syria has assassinated its major opponents in Lebanon one after another.

First and foremost, their efforts are directed at killing off members of the Lebanese parliament who oppose Damascus and its policies. Thus, the majority which the anti-Syrian camp in parliament has enjoyed has been narrowed from 72 to 68.

Another one or two assassinations and this camp will equal the pro-Syrian camp, which is led by Shiite organizations at the head of which is Hizbullah.
If you can't get a majority of people to vote your way, just murder those who disagree until the only ones left are on your side!

Of course, not everyone blames Syria for the assassinations:
Hosseini blamed Israel, Iran’s arch regional enemy, for Wednesday’s murder of MP Antoine Ghanem in a mainly Christian neighbourhood of Beirut.

“It comes from ominous plots of the Zionist regime, which has always been threatening Lebanese sovereignty, independence, security and people’s solidarity,” he said in a statement.