Friday, September 07, 2007

The Irish conspiracy

In fact, the biggest hidden influence in American politics is no doubt the Irish Conspiracy. Largely staying in the background of American life, the Irish have penetrated all our institutions, even the Presidency itself. No less than twelve American presidents are believed to have had Irish ancestry. (See Kennedy, Reagan). Irish politicians have been rife at all levels of American government (Tip O'Neill, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Ed Rendell).

In many cities entire police and fire departments are stacked with the Irish. The iron fist of paramilitary dominance is exercised every year for all the world to see, as Fifth Avenue in New York City has its center line painted green and the Chicago River flows into Lake Michigan dyed green on St. Patrick's Day, a demonstration of raw power that chills to the bone knowledgeable initiates into the secrets of this cabal. None will ever reveal to the rest of us the dark truths they hide......Clever conspirators always divert attention to sidewhows, lest their true powers become visible. The very lack of active public discussion of the Irish Conspiracy is the most convincing proof of all of the real power exercised by it, and the cunning intelligence of the puppet masters behind it.
(h/t Sophia via Prosemiteundercover)