Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A small reminder of the depravity of Palestinian Arabs

While all the infighting between moderate terrorists and extreme terrorists is well and good, it is important to remember the depths of depravity and pure hate that they all have for Jews:
Details of a foiled double suicide attack in Netanya and Tel Aviv were released for publication Wednesday afternoon. Two Palestinian women were arrested last month at the Erez Crossing. They admitted to have planned to carry out a double suicide attack in Netanya and Tel Aviv. Both women are mothers of children and one of them is also pregnant.

The Islamic Jihad is the organization that sent the two women to commit the attacks in a restaurant, a wedding hall or a location with a concentration of IDF soldiers.
Ha'aretz adds more sickening detail:
Fatma Yunes Hassan Zak, 39, a resident of Gaza, mother of eight children and pregnant with her ninth, had been responsible for an Islamic Jihad Gaza women's labor office for four years. She had been in contact with Islamic Jihad terrorists and coordinated contacts on their behalf with women who had volunteered to be suicide bombers.

Approximately three months ago, her niece, Ruda Ibrahim Yunes Haviv, 30, a resident of Gaza and mother of four children, sought her assistance in perpetrating a suicide attack. Zak, who decided to participate in the attack as well, contacted her Islamic Jihad liaison, who aided the two women in putting their plan into operation.

Haviv requested the Israeli authorities' permission to travel to Ramallah, falsely claiming she needed to undergo medical tests. Zak was supposed to accompany her to the fabricated treatment in Ramallah.

The Shin Bet maintains that the two were due to meet with an Islamic Jihad militant in Ramallah, who was supposed to give them explosive belts and take them to the the locations of the planned attacks.
Pure, unadulterated evil that is cheered by Palestinian Arabs across the board when it is "successful."