Sunday, June 10, 2007

Peaceful PalArab weekend

Besides the two killed and 40 injured yesterday:

A PalArab taxi driver was murdered in Nablus;
The director of sports in the Sports Ministry said that Hamas threatened to kill him if her doesn't hire four Hamas members;
A Fatah member was pushed off a 15-story building to his death;
Fatah terrorists killed a Hamas preacher;
and Ha'aretz adds one more Fatah member killed from yesterday.

Our PalArab self-death count is rising again, with the number of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other this year now at 288.

UPDATE: Fatah seems to like the "throw your enemies off a building" idea. Perhaps it is not considered murder in some Koranic interpretation because it is gravity that kills him, not the guy who tossed him. Either way, they threw a Hamas guy off a 12-story building, adding to the year's count: 289.

UPDATE 2: Ma'an Arabic reports a fourth man died from Sunday injuries. 290.

PalArab "police" had a shootout with suspected drug traffickers in the Jabalya camp on Saturday, killing a 54-year old man and putting a bullet into the head of a 3 year old. If the 3-year old dies, as usual, no one will know and my count will remain under-reported. For now, we are at 291.