Thursday, June 21, 2007

Palestinian Arab Sesame Street turns political

From Ma'an Arabic (autotranslated):
Ramallah-Ma'an - with a camera the day before yesterday, Monday, a special children's program Sesame Street aimed to define the children of Palestine Holy City.

He said Quds Educational Television in a statement arrived "for Together[Ma'an]" : The group started from Jerusalem Educational Television at the University of Jerusalem filming the 30-minute film is created in the city of Jerusalem.

He says Daoud Kuttab Executive Producer of the project, the idea of the film came to full vacuum and sensory information to the children of Palestine as their capital. "

But it deprives most children of Palestine to visit the holy city by Israel to prevent parents the right to visit their capital is why we felt that we have a responsibility to bring Jerusalem to the homes of our children."

And the events of the film revolve around adventure cream nostalgia effigies of the Palestinian Sesame Street in Jerusalem, through their willingness to participate in a festival pilots paper in the Burj Al-Laqlaq, but the teacher of children that have agreed escort of Jerusalem lost in the old town. the director provides an opportunity to revive the definition viewer and heritage of Jerusalem library Khalidi, and the trip to Jerusalem fence.

Alsnearbo wrote for the film Dalia Othman, the Palestinian director Hanna Atallah boots, and the resulting film prevailing Andoni, and Rajai Fund MOVED puppets and Fadi Karim Ghoul MOVED puppets Nostalgia, actress Doreen Munir role tagged.

Noteworthy is that the serial Sesame Street consisting of a 15 currently before the network stations "together" in television 10 televisions in the West Bank.

It should be noted that the Jerusalem Educational TV and already produced two seasons of Sesame programs for children, all in partnership with the Sesame Workshop for children of America's longest and most successful concession television program in the world, which is presented in more than 120 nations.
Apparently, for the BBC to refer to Jerusalem as Israel's capital was a major crime worthy of apology, but for people to teach children that Jerusalem is Arab Palestine's capital is not a problem at all.

I wonder if Children's Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) approved the script.