Friday, June 01, 2007

PalArabs using children as bait

The headlines say "Israeli troops kill Palestinian boys."

The PalArabs are saying either that the boys were out gathering scrap metal, or hunting birds, or playing. They are claiming that there was no warning and the boys were killed in cold blood.

They are lying.

Even al-Haaretz points out anomalies in the Palestinian Arab stories:
Israel Defense Forces troops on Friday afternoon shot dead two Palestinian children, aged 11 and 13, close to the ruins of the former settlement of Dugit, in the northern Gaza Strip.

An IDF spokeswoman said the two children and another 16-year-old were trying to place a bomb near the Gaza Strip border fence.

The army believes that they had been paid by one of the militant groups to place an explosive device.

"We know that a number of Palestinians crawled towards the border fence. They know that it is a dangerous area but they did not heed repeated calls to stop and they planted a suspicious device close to the fence," the spokeswoman said.

The 16-year-old, who was unarmed, was taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment, the IDF said.

YNet adds more detail:
Palestinians organizations said that no cell was operating in the area and that the IDF was claiming that gunmen approached the fence in order to justify shots fired for no real reason.

IDF officials noted, however, that terror organizations and Palestinian groups had distributed false information in the past few weeks claiming the IDF fired and hurt civilians. In a number of incidents, Palestinians also reported that IDF soldiers were killed or injured, but these reported were also proven to be false.

The troops spotted five Palestinians moving near the fence and called on them to stop. As the Palestinians ignored the call, the soldiers fired at them and killed two. A 16-year-old Palestinian was injured and evacuated to the Barzilay Medical Center in Ashkelon. A fourth Palestinian was arrested by the soldiers and taken in for questioning.
All of a sudden, the story changes from two twelve year olds innocently playing to a group of youths, including a 16-year old and at least one other, crawling near the fence that every Gaza parent knows is a kill zone.

Sorry, but these boys (if they were really 12, that could be a lie too) did not innocently walk into IDF fire. The entire group was warned and ignored the warnings. Whether someone put them up to it, or paid them, or perhaps they were older teenagers looking to become heroes, either way the IDF acted appropriately and the Palestinian Arabs at the very least acted negligently and at worst, maliciously and cynically.