Friday, June 15, 2007

Calm in Gaza - only a few murders so far

Things are winding down in Gaza with the lesser-equipped but far more hateful Hamas destroying the Western backed corrupt, yet moderate terrorists of Fatah.

So far today:
Hamas executed two Fatah men suspected of being evil in the eyes of Allah,
A Fatah man sprayed bullets at a pro-Hamas rally, killing one,
Hundreds are looting PA buildings in Gaza;
"Gunmen" entered a hospital and executed a patient and also shot two women.

Ma'an points out (in an article that has since disappeared) that the only journalists left in Gaza are too scared to tell the truth about Hamas atrocities. The public executions of Hamas' enemies seem to have had a, shall we say, chilling effect on free speech. This helps explain why Ma'an reported Hamas' claims of an Israeli tank killing a family as credible, when it was in fact a Hamas explosive blowing up a car. Also, yesterday there were five killed in a "gas cylinder explosion" in Gaza - but was it really?

Our count of PalArabs violently killed by each other this year is now at 421.
A shortened version of the article remains here.