Saturday, June 30, 2007

"But it was an accident!"

Since Hamas' takeover of Gaza, news of violent deaths have all but stopped as the few PalArab reporters still there cower in fear. But every once in a while something makes it through the new Iron Curtain:
Palestinian medical sources stated on Saturday that a Palestinian woman, Samah Al-Hor, 24, was killed in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip as a result of the "misuse of arms." She mistakenly received a gunshot to the head.
A 24-year old woman being killed in Gaza is more likely to be a victim of an "honor crime" than an accidental gunshot. Either way, our count of PalArabs violently killed by each other in 2007 is now at 475.

17 year old shot dead in Qalqiya in"mysterious circumstances." 476.

Unidentified gunmen shot dead on Tuesday evening a Palestinian teenager in the south of the Gaza Strip. He has been named as Nasser Al-Kilani, 19." 477.

Man killed in crossfire between Hamas and "Army of Islam" in Gaza. 478.

On Saturday, at the same time that the woman above was killed, "At approximately 19:00 also on Saturday, the body of Ahmed al-Sayed Khalil Dughmosh, 28, from Gaza City, was brought to Shifa Hospital. His body was found in Juhor al-Dik village, south of Gaza City. According to medical sources, he was hit by several gunshots throughout the body. Dughmosh had been kidnapped by unknown militants at approximately 17:00 near his house in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood in the southwest of Gaza City." 479.

Palpress.com reports:
Two citizens were killed yesterday in Gaza Strip , one was identified as Mazen Al kasas and was killed by un identified gunmen in Sabra neighborhood in Gaza.
Also Ibrahim Al Kilani 23 years old was killed Tuesday at night after being shot during a family dispute in Khan Yunis southern of Gaza.


Gaza - Ma'an - Capt. Abd Al Majid Abu Lihia, 39, has succumbed to wounds which he sustained in June during clashes surrounding the house of senior Fatah activist, Jamal Abu Al-Jidyan, in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday.
Al-Jidyan, by the way, is the famous Abu Billygoats. 482.