Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blaming bedwetting on the Jews

From PalToday (autotranslated):
A report issued by the assembly of the Palestinian right on the situation of children in Palestine that the larger percentage of Palestinian children suffer from chronic mental illness, including bedwetting and many other diseases due to the conditions they are experiencing psychological.

The report quoted a study prepared by a medical specialist that the Israeli practices which exceeded all limits bombing houses and tearing apart their occupants to stand behind the bad psychological situation of children.

He called the international and regional institutions and Arab intervention to rescue Palestinian children from the barbarity of the occupation and send delegations for close to reality and the establishment in Palestine of psychiatric clinics for the treatment of children.
I am amazed at how these experts just know that the unfortunate bedwetting is from fear of Jewish bullets, not Arab bullets.

Similarly, a new camp is being set up to help children get over the trauma of those Jewish overlords. From WAFA (autotranslated):
The Happy Childhood Center of the Municipality of Gaza today, the start of his summer holiday, the implementation of the first actors linger summer and lasts two weeks with two hundred children from 7-15 years.

A report by the Center for a copy of the "Wafa", the summer camp I fall into four summer camps organized by the Center during the summer vacation for schools, targeting investment of time for the long holiday in meaningful activities for the benefit of children, and alleviate the psychological pressure on the large to which children are exposed. the result of bombing and assassination, intimidation and the constant Israeli aggression on our people.

The camp programs and recreational activities and sports, cultural and artistic targeted, in addition to raising the sense of participants about good citizenship, and social support and reinforcement required for children.