Sunday, June 17, 2007

160 dead Gazans in a week

The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights has counted the Gaza dead from last Sunday to today, and counts 160 people. This is higher than I had counted - I was at 146 including some West Bank murders as well. So the revised total is now 289 (my count as of last Sunday morning) +160+3 West Bank deaths I've documented+5 dead civilians that Hamas killed but blamed on Israel=457 killed this year by each other.

They also count 769 injuries.

UPDATE: Another execution of a Hamas dude by Fatah in the West Bank. 458.

"Popular Resistance Committees" shoot at PalArabs waiting at the Erez crossing, killing one. PalArab media uniformly and wrongly blames Israel. 459. (Fatah also claimed that Hamas executed 5 in Gaza this morning, but I could find no corroboration.)

UPDATE 3: PalArab murdered Wednesday, arriving at a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. 460.

UPDATE 4: A second executed today. Wafa mentioned two dead today. It is very interesting that Wafa has this news and Ma'an does not. 461.