Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's bigotry, courtesy of Google "News"

Google News continues to index The People's Voice as a legitimate news source, and TPV continues to publish hysterical, incoherent (and ungrammatical) propaganda. Here's some of the latest, in an article by a Palestinian Arab who defends Farfur the Terror Rat's message:
No film mainstream makers of TV program or other media dares to be critical of the Jews, "Israel" or Zionism - a Jewish male must be referred to as'a nice Jewish boy. a young girl is a Jewish Princess.Jew musicians are always 'talented," writers " are gifted," painters very "sensitive," the Jewish doctors are "brilliant." The Jew millionaires are "philanthropic and visionary.What a big lie and conspiracy ! Lastly - millions of innocent Christians have been victimized by pro-Zionist film and TV propaganda. They do not realize the Jew "name changers" have used subtle and very sophisticated stories - to manipulate the minds of other people. - No nation or people can long remain free - while such a medium is totally controlled by venomous alien Jews - whose loyalty is to Zionism first!

At last - my many thanks and good luck wishes - to Hamas and the producer of the intelligent television program - "Tomorrows Pioneers" - and also hugs to Big smart Farfur! - Hold on tight to the Palestinian unity - do not hold on to old grudge - keep on the struggle ! - You Palestinians - are the frontiers - the pioneers - in a very noble mission - to change the world for all of us - for the better - in your struggle to liberate Palestine - the homeland of the Palestinian people !
You can complain to Google using the form here. The last time I did it, TPV wrote an article denouncing me, and hilariously thinking that my International Zionist Web was for real. (Just as interestingly, the article stated "We have no racist intentions. Racism is all about ignorance and would divert us from our purpose.")