Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Taking responsibility is foreign to Palestinian Arabs

Today the Rafah police chief resigned because he couldn't control the chaos in the streets of his town in Gaza.

Similarly, the PalArab Interior Minister in charge of security resigned on Monday after only one day of the Hamas/Fatah fighting.

Keep in mind that, officially, almost all of the Fatah terrorists and many of the Hamas terrorists are paid "policemen." These resignations prove that the "police" jobs were nothing more than welfare, but none of the officers - even their leaders - ever tried to take their jobs seriously.

Once again, we see that the concept of "responsibility" is foreign to Palestinian Arabs. Unless they are taking responsibility for killing Jews. Even the words they use to describe their civil war - "unfortunate events" - show that they don't regard it as a problem that must be solved but as a natural disaster which cannot be helped.