Wednesday, May 02, 2007

PalArab journalists claim that a bulldozer tried to assassinate them

WAFA and Paltoday report (in Arabic) of a deliberate Israeli attempt to murder them - with a bulldozer:
Jenin-5-2-2007-A number of Wafa photographers, journalists, dawn today, survived from certain death, when detained by an army bulldozer in a closed area inside the camp of Jenin in the northern West Bank, tried searched.

Seif Aldahlah colleague, photographer, "Wafa" in Jenin, said said that while he was filming the raids and arrests that took place in the city and camp at dawn today, with a number of photographers, pursued by an army bulldozer in one of the alleys of the camp, more than once, where the driver tried deliberately searched.

He added that the occupation soldiers tried to prevent us from before photography, fear of the transfer of the real picture and barbaric exercise during storming operations of houses unarmed citizens.

Photographers and journalists stressed that such practices, the term deliberate Israeli policy, which aims to target journalists and media crews, and prevented them from disclosure practices of the Israeli army atrocities against the Palestinians.
Let's get this straight:

  • Israel tries to stop them from telling their stories even though they manage to print stories about Israeli actions - real or imagined - many times every day.
  • Israel decided to target these "journalists", not with bullets or rockets, but with a slow moving bulldozer, chasing them around the streets of Jenin like a Three Stooges film.
  • They all ran away from the deadly bulldozer as a group instead of spreading out.
  • Jenin's citizens are unarmed.
  • And while Israel tried so desperately to assassinate these "journalists" with a piece of earth-moving equipment over the course of perhaps 15 minutes, they couldn't shoot a single video or photograph showing this event.
Here's how I predict the trajectory of this story going in English:

First, IMEMC will publish it.

Ma'an might skip this one, but even Ma'an takes any claims against Israel seriously no matter how absurd, so that's about 50-50.

Then some rabidly "Zionist" hating sites like uruknet will mention it in context of a much larger story detailing "Zionist crimes."

And some moonbat next year will mention it as proof that St. Pancake herself, Rachel Corrie, was targeted by a deliberate Israeli bulldozer policy.

UPDATE 1: Here's the promised IMEMC story.

UPDATE 2: It's funny to see that when the PalArab media tries to spin a story like this, they won't mention the violent acts of their own people - which the terrorists brag about at the same time.

The Islamic Jihad website claimed to torch an Israeli jeep in Jenin during this operation, and published this picture (no idea if this picture was actually taken this morning):

I guess that the "journalists" had to choose between telling the truth and bashing Israel. Easy choice when your entire purpose is propaganda.