Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mosa Al Ghriz: my kind of martyr

The Hamas Al Qassam website is an unending source of mirth and merriment. Especially interesting is the "Martyr" section, where brief biographies of the lives and grisly deaths of Hamas terrorists are detailed.

I just stumbled onto the biography (not autotranslated - this is from the English website) of Mosa al Ghriz:
Name: Mosa Abed Al Fattah Mohammed Al Ghriz.

Resident: Rafah.

Hometown: Maghar.


Mosa Abed Al Fattah Mohammed Al Ghriz was born in 1968. His roots back to "Maghar", which was occupied in 1948. He was brave since his childhood. His mother died since he was a child and he never saw her. His father raised him on the good manner and virtue. He was careful to obey his father.


He finished his primary and preparatory studying in UNRWA schools in Rafah. He finished his high school with high marks. But the difficult situation didn’t give him the opportunity to continue his studying . He got married to his cousin. He has five children, one of them is disable. He worked in a social association that was interested in helping the poor families.

In Al Qassam Brigades

He joined to Al Qassam brigades in the first intifada in 1987. the brigades leadership saw his courage and his commitment so they agreed to let him a member in the Brigades. He participated in defending many areas in Rafah as "Al Salam", "Brazil" neighborhoods, and the east side of Rafah. He was the friend of the martyrs "Ayed Al Bashity" and "Yousif Al Mallahi".

Life full of actions

He participated in digging many tunnels as " Hardon" military location, "Tarmid" military location near Salah Eddeen gate in Rafah. Mosa participated in sniping the Zionist soldiers on the border. He also was watching the Zionist vehicles near Al Salam neighborhood. He shared in digging a tunnel for Rafah cross. His friends said that he was always ready for any an emergency situation. They added "he was a leader".

Interested actions in his life

He was guarding his neighborhood. Suddenly, a man come and started to shout on him. And pronounced with bad words towards Mosa. But Mosa didn’t become nervous. He talked to him quietly. The man understood why Mosa and his friends stood in that position.

Before Martyrdom

Before a day of his martyrdom, he came back to house and found that his children playing with the family pictures. He stand and said" don’t play with it, you will need it ". He told his elder son "keep the land, even if the Zionist army destroyed the house". He said to his wife " today is the last day" as he was knowing that he is going to be a martyr.

The martyrdom day

Mosa went to execute a mission against Zionist tank. He went with two of his friends to shell RBG rocket toward the tank. The rocket wrongly exploded and caused his martyrdom .
Don't you love happy endings?

I'm only disappointed that they didn't provide the date that he met with his virgins so I could verify that I had counted him as one of the PalArab self-deaths.