Monday, May 21, 2007

Morning roundup

Another PalArab who was shot during the "unfortunate events" died - after the imperialistic Israelis failed to save him in the Zionist hospital he was transfered to. The PalArab self-death count for the year climbs to 263.

2 Hamas members were critically injured from more unfortunate gunfire during the "truce." (Perhaps when Israel is doing the shooting, it is "fortunate?" )

At least 3 Qassams this morning towards the western Negev. (JPost: 4.)

Paltoday reports that some members of Knesset from Labor, Likud and Kadima suggest compensating Sderot residents retroactively from the time of disengagement from taxes collected for the PA that Israel has been withholding. An excellent idea, although all terror victims should be able to get compensated from that ever growing fund. The idea that Israel is still bound by all the agreements it made with an entity that continuously tries to kill and kidnap her citizens is ludicrous.

UPDATE: One of the Hamas members shot this morning has died. Fatah denied it had anything to do with it so the fiction of the cease fire remains. 264.

UPDATE 2: A 17-year old youth was killed when a "mysterious object" he was holding exploded in Rafah. 265.