Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More horrible Zionist stories: "Save a Child's Heart"

On Monday I wrote a story about how Israeli doctors and medical teams are endangering their own lives to save Palestinian Arab children. Soccer Dad tells me about "Save a Child's Heart," an Israeli team of doctors who treat children with heart problems - with a 96% success rate.
Our patients, ranging in age from infants to teenagers, receive various types of treatment that is necessary for their heart problems. The children come from all corners of the world, including China, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Moldova, Nigeria, the Palestinian Authority, Russia, Srilanka, Ukraine, Vietnam, and the Island of Zanzibar (part of the Federation of Tanzania).

Save A Child's Heart has a full outreach program to train medical personnel in our partner countries. Our ultimate goal is to create centers of competence in these countries, enabling local medical personnel to provide needed treatment in their own environment. The program brings doctors and nurses to the Save A Child's Heart center for in-depth Post Graduate training in all facets of pediatric cardiology. In addition, our staff travels overseas to educate and to perform surgery in cooperation with local personnel. However, until our goal is achieved, children with congenital heart problems are brought to Israel for surgery and other cardiac care.

Save A Child's Heart provides all its services in cooperation with the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, a southern suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city.
Not surprisingly, the people who have gotten the most benefit from this program have been Palestinian Arabs. Out of the 1500 children whose lives have been saved since 1996, over 700 have been Palestinian Arabs.