Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day whining

It comes as no surprise that there is much unemployment in the PA. But one can always count on the infantile whiners there to put the blame anywhere but on themselves. The ridiculous "International Middle East Media Center" makes up some facts:
Unemployment is up and thousands who found work as part of the Israeli cheap labor force can no longer reach jobs due to closure, the Wall and an campaign of arrests.

In the public sector, strikes have at times over the course of the year crippled government offices, the education and health systems, security and municipal services. Trying to reach work within the West Bank and East Jerusalem has become even more difficult with the Wall completely blocking access for some, while others are forced to find lengthy routes around it. Israeli forces have destroyed or shut-down many factories in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip....

Unemployment is rising among Palestinians with an overall rate around 50 percent. There are areas where it is as high as 85 percent.

Too bad the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics disagrees, putting the unemployment rates at 18.6% in the West Bank and 34.8% in Gaza Strip. The West Bank numbers are not too much out of whack with Jordan's 14% unemployment rate.

But nowhere, and I mean nowhere, will you find a single article in Palestan that sees a correlation between PalArab terror and PalArab unemployment.

They might mention that they no longer have as many jobs in Israel as they used to, but they'll never say that perhaps some Israeli employers got rid of their PalArab workers when the workers started blowing up.

Nowhere will you see them noticing that Gaza unemployment soared when Israel left Gaza.

Nowhere will you find someone saying that it's been over six years since the terror campaign replaced Oslo, how come the Paleos haven't managed to build any real industry in that timeframe? How come they destroyed the state-of-the-art greenhouses that American Jews bought for them in Gaza? How come they constantly attacked the Erez industrial zone, killing many and forcing Israeli companies to leave?

Taking responsibility is not something that these people are capable of. It is a culture of whining and blaming others and perceived entitlements.