Sunday, May 13, 2007

Farfur the Terror Rat: "I had to cheat because of what the Jews did!"

The latest installment of the Hamas children's TV show featuring Farfur the Terror Mouse had a smaller role for him but that role was very telling.

Farfur was caught cheating on a test. A new adult character asked him about it:
Hazem: "Why did you cheat?"

Farfur: "It was against my will, uncle Hazem, because the Jews destroyed our home, and when the Jews destroyed our home I couldn’t find my notebooks."

You can see the entire clip here:

Now, I didn't see the rest of the clip. Perhaps the TV show scolded Farfur for thinking this way. Even so, this is a neat bit of insight into the Palestinian Arab psyche. Farfur doesn't feel that cheating is bad per se; he feels that if the evil Jews destroyed his homework that he could cheat. This is but a microcosm of the standard PalArab groupthink that there is no act too depraved as long as the ends justify the means. Personal responsibility is simply not a part of PalArab society.

The Palestinian Arabs have had nearly sixty years to build a productive society and they have consistently failed - because of the exact same thinking that Farfur exhibits: it's the Jews' fault. Sixty years! Look at what has been accomplished in the past sixty years in other parts of the world! Look at Japan and Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong, not to mention Israel. But instead of building a positive culture in the lands that they have, the PalArabs have built a culture of death and blame and depravity.