Friday, May 11, 2007

Dhimmi Carter's advice to the Jews

Dhimmi Carter, playing his Saudi funders' playbook, is trying mightily to split Jews from Christian Zionists.

According to The Jewish Week:
Wading into the delicate fray over the alliance between Jews and pro-Israel Evangelicals, former President Jimmy Carter last week reportedly said it was a mistake for Jews to accept such ties, and that he was working to convince Southern Baptists to change the way they look at Judaism and the Middle East.

Christian Zionists can be better friends of Israel by challenging its government’s policies, while accepting Judaism as a legitimate path to God, Carter told a group organized by Rabbi Michael Lerner in California last week, according to the rabbi.

“He said it was a terrible error for Jews to become allied with Christian Zionists who actually desire our conversion or burning in hell,” Rabbi Lerner related in an interview Tuesday.

So Carter's telling evangelicals to hate Israel and he's telling Jews to hate the evangelicals.

How very Christian of him!